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A simple script to scare people


$ npm install -g fakematrix

$ fakematrix seconds message


$ fakematrix 30 "Plane hacked"

The story

My friend Jorge and I were on a flight from London to Madrid, and we both had our mobile phones turned on, while they were supposed to be off.

The airplane didn't crash because mobile phones don't affect planes in any way, but a dic*head told us to power off them. Jorge explained him why mobile phones won't crash a plane, but the guy then called a steward and he ordered Jorge to power off his iPhone. Then we continued discussing with the guy and he said that his flight was stopped during 3 hours because someone had their phone on (WTF). Later some girl travelling with the guy insulted us.

So we decided to create an script to scare them. The script would show letters at a high speed, like The Matrix, and then show a scaring message, like we were hacking the plane.

I coded it and left it running on my laptop, near the guy. And we started talking about hacking planes. Pretty funny.