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FakeFileSystem.js 💾

library to simulate a simple file system in javascript 💾


<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/SkwalExe/FakeFileSystem.js@v0.5.0/dist/ffs.min.js"></script>

Usage 📝

The module can be used in Node.js or in the browser.

npm install --save fakefilesystem
const FFS = require('fakefilesystem');

var myFFS = new FFS();

Wiki 📖

To learn more about how to use the module, check out the wiki. It contains very much a lot of informations


If you have any problem, don't hesitate to open an issue


  1. Start by forking this repository

  2. Then clone your fork to your local machine.

git clone https://github.com/your-username/FakeFileSystem.js.git
  1. Install dev dependencies
npm install --save-dev
  1. Create a new branch
git checkout -b super-cool-feature
  1. Then make your changes

  2. Run tests

npm test
  1. Update the changelog and version number if needed (using Semantic Versioning)
# bug fix
npm version patch --no-git-tag-version

# add a new feature 
npm version minor --no-git-tag-version

# changes that break backwards compatibility
npm version major --no-git-tag-version
  1. List and correct linting errors
npm run lint
  1. Update the minified version of the library
npm run build
  1. Once you're done, commit your changes and push them to the remote repository.
git add --all
git commit -m "Add super-cool-feature"
git push origin super-cool-feature
  1. Then, open a pull request on GitHub from your fork.
    1. Go to this link
    2. Click compare across forks
    3. On the right, on head repository select your fork
    4. And on compare select the branch you just created
    5. Click on Create Pull Request and submit your pull request


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