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Provides a simple interface to bring up a fake DOM with XHR and AMD support.

This wrapper currently uses:


via npm (node package manager)

$ npm install fakedom-amd


var fakedom = require('fakedom-amd');
var window, module;
var env = new fakedom(
        html:           '<h1>test</h1>',
        requireOptions: { baseUrl: 'js' },
        module:         'my-module'
    function(err, w, m) {
        if (err) throw err;
        window = w;
        module = m;
function useModule() {

For more examples please see the test directory.


constructor([options,] onLoad)

Instantiates a new DOM sandbox with the given options.

  • options: Optional configuration object with the following optional keys:
    • html: An HTML string to create the fake DOM. Will be wrapped with in html, head and body tags if not already.
    • requireOptions: requirejs configuration options.
    • jsdomOptions: Configuration options for jsdom.
    • stubs: An object mapping module names to modules; useful for defining stubs.
    • module: The name of a module to be required initially, and given back in the callback.
  • onLoad: A function to run on initialisationation, given the arguments: error, window and module (module is only given if a module was specified in the options).

amdrequire(depenendencies, onLoad)

Requires a given module or array of modules

  • dependencies: string or array of strings specifying the module names to be loaded
  • onLoad: a callback to be run once dependencies are loaded, given the arguments: error, module1, module2... etc.

stub(moduleMap) or stub(name, module)

Used to define modules; useful for stubbing out modules that will be required. Can take either a module name and definition, or an object mapping names to definitions.

  • map: Optional object map where the keys are the module names, and the values are their definition.
  • name: Name of module to define.
  • module: Definition of module to be defined.


An array of XHR requests that have been sent to the server. These can be examined and responses can be issued. See the Sinon.JS FakeXMLHttpRequest documentation for further details.

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