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A node wrapper for the fake_dynamo gem

A node.js wrapper for the fake_dynamo gem.

For testing purposes mainly - and just because magneto isn't quite as mature yet.

var fakeDynamoGem = require('fake-dynamo-gem')
fakeDynamoGem(function(err, fakeDynamo) {
  if (err) throw err
  // We have now spawned fake_dynamo with the default settings (port 4567) 
  // fakeDynamo is just a standard ChildProcess object 
  // Kill it when we're done testing (will also kill on process exit) 
// Can also pass custom args 
fakeDynamoGem(['--port=1234', '--db=/tmp/fake_dynamo.fdb'], function(err, fakeDynamo) {
  if (err) throw err

Also provides a nfakedynamo binary, which just delegates directly to fake_dynamo

Spawns fake_dynamo with the given args/options (requires Ruby 1.9 I believe)

With npm do:

npm install fake-dynamo-gem

Thanks to @ananthakumaran for the great fake_dynamo project!