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1.0.1 • Public • Published

Build Tools

Shared tooling for building Fairmont packages, among others.


tools = require "fairmont-build-tools"
{target} = tools require "gulp"

target "npm"

This will get you the tasks associated with the npm target preset. This includes:

  • npm:build — Compiles CoffeeScript in lib to build/npm/lib and CoffeeScript tests in test to build/npm/test.

  • npm:test — Runs the compiled tests.

  • npm publish — Publishes to NPM.


The only meaningful preset at this time npm. Presets esm and www are reserved. Don't use these as tasks prefixes.

Built-In Tasks

The tasks build, test, and publish are all defined to iterate on active targets (any targets for which tasks have been defined) and execute the corresponding tasks, ex: npm:build.

In addition, these tasks are also defined:

  • git:tag — Tag the current release using the version in the package.json file and push the tags to master. Runs automatically on npm:publish.

  • clean — Deletes the entire build directory. Since each target defines it's own clean task (which should delete the target directory), you shouldn't need this.

Configuring package.json

Remember, the files you're publishing will be in build/npm. The files, directories, and main properties should reflect this. Define test to be gulp test.

Watching Files

Coming soon.