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facebook signed request for node.js

node.js port of facebook-signeded-request. It implements the signed request sent by facebook to applications.

Installation and Usage

clone this repository and then

var SignedRequest = require(PATH_TO_LIB + '/lib/facebook-signed-request');
SignedRequest.secret = "your facebook application secret";
var request = yourRequestObjectParamsHash['signed_request'];
var signedRequest = new SignedRequest( request );

signedRequest.parse(function(errors, request){
  // check if request was valid

  // access errors

  // this is your data object

You can also sign requests to be used in your tests

SignedRequest.secret = "897z956a2z7zzzzz5783z458zz3z7556";
SignedRequest.encodeAndSign({ user_id : '111111'})

which will output something in the format of


Data sent by facebook

Here is an example

	algorithm: 'HMAC-SHA256',
	expires: 1308988800,
	issued_at: 1308985018,
	oauth_token: '111111111111111|2.AQBAttRlLVnwqNPZ.3600.1111111111.1-111111111111111|T49w3BqoZUegypru51Gra70hED8',
	user: { country: 'de', locale: 'en_US', age: { min: 21 } },
	user_id: '111111111111111'


npm install jasmine-node
jasmine-node spec