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Fabulous Scaffold

Fabulous Favicon Generator

The Fabulous Favicon Generator is a lightweight Node.js application that simplifies the process of generating favicon files and a webmanifest to meet the requirements of modern browsers.

Why another favicon generator?

While there are many favicon builders available, most of them generate unnecessary files for modern websites and lack seamless integration into build tools. The Fabulous Favicon Generator addresses these issues effectively.

Getting started

  1. Clone the repository or install it globally using npm:
npm i fabulous-favicon -g
  1. Add a square svg icon file named icon.svg to your project folder. You can use a png if you desire, however if you do ensure it is at least 512x512 for good results.
  2. Create a favicon.config.json file in your project's root directory with the following content. Be sure to customize it with your project details:
	"design": {
		"ios": {
			"pictureAspect": "backgroundAndMargin",
			"backgroundColor": "#ffffff",
			"margin": "14%",
			"assets": {
				"ios6AndPriorIcons": false,
				"ios7AndLaterIcons": false,
				"precomposedIcons": false,
				"declareOnlyDefaultIcon": true
			"appName": "Fabulous Design Kit"
		"desktopBrowser": {
			"design": "raw"
		"androidChrome": {
			"pictureAspect": "shadow",
			"themeColor": "#ffffff",
			"manifest": {
				"name": "Fabulous Design Kit",
				"startUrl": "https://lister.design/fabulous-design",
				"display": "standalone",
				"orientation": "notSet",
				"onConflict": "override",
				"declared": true
			"assets": {
				"legacyIcon": false,
				"lowResolutionIcons": false
	"settings": {
		"scalingAlgorithm": "Mitchell"
  1. Run the following command to generate your favicon files:

node favicon

Alternatively, integrate it into your build tool using the following command options:

  -c, --config <file>       config file (favicon.json) (default:
  -i, --image <image>       image to convert (icon.svg) (default: "icon.svg")
  -o, --output <directory>  output directory (images) (default: "images")
  -b, --base <directory>    base project directory (default: "")
  -h, --help                display help for command


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE

The Fabulous Favicon Generator is licensed with

Fabulous Design Kit

The Fabulous Favicon Generator is part of TThe Fabulous Design Kit, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to assist web designers and developers in easily creating exceptional websites and applications that adhere to industry standards.



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