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This version has been deprecated

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The original (fab) project, by Jed Schmidt, is no longer supported, but is available here.


0.5.3-original • Public • Published

NOTE: This package 'fab' is now part of the Frontend Application Bundle project. See https://www.npmjs.com/package/fab for the latest version.

The last published version of the original 'fab' project by @jed was v0.5.2, available at https://www.npmjs.com/package/fab/v/0.5.2.

The original README is reproduced below. To install it, use the fab@original tag.

(fab) - a streaming javascript framework

NOTE: (fab) is no longer under development.

(fab) is a lightweight toolkit that makes it easy to build asynchronous web apps. It takes advantage of the flexibility and functional nature of javascript to create a concise "DSL", without pre-compilation or magic scope hackery.

Here's an example of a "hello world" app:

module.exports = function( exports, imports ) {
  return imports( function( run, node$listen, route, html ) {
    with ( html ) return run
      ( node$listen, 0xFAB )
      ( HTML )
        ( BODY, { id: "show" } )
          ( "Hello, " )
          ( EM )
            ( route, /^\/(\w+)$/ )
              ( route.capture, 0 )
            ( /* else */ )
              ( "world!" )
          () //EM
          ( "!" )
        () //BODY
      () //HTML

Getting started

To install (fab), use npm:

npm install fab

Then, from the (fab) directory in your node folder, launch the demo.js example:

fab demo.js

Look in the source of the demo to see how the app was built.



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