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The F5 SDK (JS) provides client libraries to access various F5 products and services. It focuses primarily on facilitating consuming our most popular APIs and services, currently including BIG-IP (via Automation Tool Chain) and F5 Cloud Services.


  • Provides hand-written or auto-generated client code to make F5’s APIs/services simple and intuitive to use.
  • Handles the low-level details of communication with the API or service, including authentication sessions, async task handling, protocol handling, large file uploads, and more.
  • Can be installed using familiar package management tools such as npm.

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Basic Example:

const ManagementClient = require('f5-sdk-js').bigip.ManagementClient;
const AS3Client = require('f5-sdk-js').bigip.extension.AS3Client;
const mgmtClient = new ManagementClient({
    host: '',
    port: 443,
    user: 'admin',
    password: 'admin'
await mgmtClient.login();
const extensionClient = new AS3Client(mgmtClient);
await extensionClient.service.create({ config: {} });

Typescript Import Example:

import { bigip } from 'f5-sdk-js';
const ManagementClient = bigip.ManagementClient;
const AS3Client = bigip.extension.AS3Client;

Contributor Documentation

A collection of helpful commands have been added to the package manager (npm) scripts directive. Check out the package.json for an up-to-date list of commands.

  • Build Package (Typescript -> Javascript): npm run build-package
  • Build Code Documentation: npm run build-code-docs
  • Run Unit Tests: npm run test
  • Run Linter: npm run lint

Note that the main and types package manager directive are pointed at the dist folder (where tsc builds the package). Please ensure any published packages builds and includes that folder.

Source Repository

See the source repository here.

User Documentation

The F5 SDK (JS) is in public preview. Documentation for this SDK is coming soon to clouddocs.f5.com. If you have a specific documentation request, you can file an issue through GitHub.

Filing Issues and Getting Help

If you come across a bug or other issue when using the SDK, use GitHub Issues to submit an issue for our team. You can also see the current known issues on that page, which are tagged with a Known Issue label.

F5 SDK is community-supported. For more information, see the Support page.


Copyright 2014-2020 F5 Networks Inc.

F5 Networks Contributor License Agreement

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If you are signing as an individual, we recommend that you talk to your employer (if applicable) before signing the CLA since some employment agreements may have restrictions on your contributions to other projects. Otherwise by submitting a CLA you represent that you are legally entitled to grant the licenses recited therein.

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