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Welcome to f5-conx-core

f5-conx-core is a project to abstract all the API functionality developed for the vscode-f5 extension to be used in other projects.

This project is based on JavaScript, but written in TypeScript and utilizes JSdoc to provide built in documentation of functionality, inputs, and outputs.


  • standardize all F5 HTTP REST calls

    • auth token/provider management
    • standard async/job monitoring
    • provide connection timing information for analytics/telemtry
    • file upload/download functionality
    • tmos meta data and ATC service discovery/mgmt
    • ATC version mgmt (from github)
    • ATC RPM install/uninstall
    • ATC usage (fast/as3/do/ts/cf)
    • UCS/QKVIEW management
  • standardize all external HTTP rest calls

    • custom user-agent to identify calls made with this project
    • file downloads
    • internet proxy support (pending/in-progress)
  • IPv6 support (pending/in-progress)

  • standard file cache location

  • standard logging functionality

  • NIM Support

    • REST HTTP connectivity over SSL with basic auth
    • funtions for inventory/scan usage


http-timer for axios requests


The above plugin adds the following timings object to the response of axios

export interface Timings {
    start: number;
    socket?: number;
    lookup?: number;
    connect?: number;
    secureConnect?: number;
    upload?: number;
    response?: number;
    end?: number;
    error?: number;
    abort?: number;
    phases: {
        wait?: number;
        dns?: number;
        tcp?: number;
        tls?: number;
        request?: number;
        firstByte?: number;
        download?: number;
        total?: number;

simplified HTTP Response type including the timings

export type HttpResponse = {
    data?: unknown;
    headers?: unknown;
    status: number;
    statusText?: string;
    request?: {
        url: string;
        method: string;
        headers: unknown;
        protocol: string;
        timings: Timings;
        data?: unknown;

Using these timings we can log and provide stats about what devices (mainly f5) are responding slower than others or a gathered base line (telemetry/analytics)


Add details about how to use the project

Contributor Documentation

A collection of helpful commands have been added to the package manager (npm) scripts directive. Check out the package.json for an up-to-date list of commands.

  • Build Package (Typescript -> Javascript): npm run build-package
  • Build Code Documentation: npm run build-code-docs
  • Run Unit Tests: npm run test
  • Run Linter: npm run lint

Note that the main and types package manager directive are pointed at the dist folder (where tsc builds the package). Please ensure any published packages builds and includes that folder.

Source Repository

See the source repository here.

Filing Issues and Getting Help

Please don't hesitate to open an issue to ask for a feature, submit a bug, or expand documentation. This project is here to help others and hopefully prevent duplicate work

the following to be updated when the repo transitions to devcentral

## Copyright

Copyright 2014-2020 F5 Networks Inc.

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