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    👊 Ez Geo Query

    Ez Geo Query is an API service to provide autoresult suggestions for City, State, ZIP search string combinations. It returns data in a consistent format and is currently being developed to provide more data, such as population, median income, and latitude longitude coordinates. Using the typeahead library with the API allows for rapid setup and deployment of geographical autocomplete search fields.


    Query by City
      { "zip_code": "61476", "city": "Seaton", "state": "IL" }, 
      { "zip_code": "61359", "city": "Seatonville", "state": "IL" }, 
      { "zip_code": "20743", "city": "Seat Pleasant", "state": "MD"}, 
      { "zip_code": "98032", "city": "SeaTac", "state": "WA"}, 
      { "zip_code": "98148", "city": "SeaTac", "state": "WA"} 
    Query by Zip
      { "zip_code": "42501", "city": "Burnside", "state": "Kentucky" }, 
      { "zip_code": "42503", "city": "Burnside", "state": "Kentucky" }, 
      { "zip_code": "42518", "city": "Burnside", "state": "Kentucky" }, 
      { "zip_code": "42519", "city": "Burnside", "state": "Kentucky" }, 
      { "zip_code": "42544", "city": "Burnside", "state": "Kentucky" } 

    Ez Geo Typeahead

    Ez Geo Typeahead is a typeahead library build on top of typeahead.js using the Ez Geo Query API. It was designed to be a drop in, turn-key autocomplete solution for querying Zip Codes, Cities and States in the US. Under the hood it also uses the Bloodhound Engine to query the API.

    Ez Geo Query - Typeahead

    NOTE This is using a more recently maintained fork of the original Twitter Typeahead & Bloodhound repo.


    There is a simple demo in this repo you can clone and test. See /demo for a basic example with setup.

    Getting Started

    Ez Geo Typeahead has dependencies on:

    The typeahead is built around Bootstrap styles, but does not require Bootstrap css or js. Bootstrap's recommended jQuery lib is the slim version. This will not work, as slim does not contain the ajax module.

    If you have the required libraries loaded, include ezgeoquery-typeahead.js.

    Download and include

    <script type="text/javascript" src="ezgeoquery-typeahead.js"></script>


    <script type="text/javasctipt" src=""></script>


    npm install ezgeoquery-typeahead

    Get an API key

    Head over to Ez Geo Query and sign up for free account to get an API key.

    Init the library

    In your script file, initialize the library with your new API key.

    var apikey = "YOUR-API-KEY";
    // Init the library with your key
    var ezgeo = EzGeoTypeahead.init(apikey);

    Make your inputs into a Typeahead

    Take the input field you want to make a typeahead and pass it into the make method. Optionally you can provide options for this specific typeahead. See the list for default options and descriptions.

    /** @see options */
    var options = {
        selectFirstOnClose: true,
        setPreviousValueOnEmpty: true,
    // You could pass in a string or a jQuery object
    var $input = ezgeo.make('#ezgeo', options);

    And thats it. Ez. 💥

    Typeahead Options

    Under the hood, we configure most of the options for you. We feel these are opinionated, however we still have the following default options from typeahead.js options and our own custom ones.


    Typeahead Events

    We pass the default events from typeahead.js events so you can still access them. We have added one event on top of the typeahead library. All events will be accessed as:

    $input.typeahead.on('eventName', function() {});

    NOTE Every event does not supply the same arguments. See the event descriptions below for details on each event's argument list.


    Get the current value

    There are a couple ways to get the current value. You can still rely on the current html input value, which would be the formatted selection; ex Seattle, Wa, 98118. If you want to get the value as an object, to send or trigger other events, you can access the current value of the input by an event, or directly.

    // To access directly from the getter
    var value = $input.currentValue;
    // To access by the valueUpdated event
    $input.typeahead.on('typeahead:valueUpdated', function(ev, value) {
    // From the input value of Searcy, AR, 72143, both would log
    // { zip_code: "72143", city: "Searcy", state: "AR" }

    Set the current value

    To set the current value, use the currentValue setter. This accepts an object which should be formatted as a EzGeoQuery. This is trigger a valueUpdated event and set the input's value property to a formatted string. City, ST, Zip.

    // Set the value
    var newValue = {
        city: 'Hello',
        state: 'MY',
        zip_code: '420'
    $input.currentValue = newValue;
    // The new value 
    // { city: "Sea", state: "WA", zip_code: "98" }
    // And the input will show
    // Hello, MY, 420

    Typeahead Styles

    There is a minimal style included inline. It should work pretty well with any input style. It would work best with a Bootstrap form-control. You can override these easily to match your current/desired style.

    Default Style

    Ez Geo API

    Behind the Ez Geo Typeahead library is the Ez Geo API. We've written algorithms to interact with our data in order to return city, state, zip results reliably and consistently, making building anything (such as registration forms with user's geographical data, address, etc.) that requires this data a breeze.

    Below you can see the various search query combinations that the API accepts and will return results for. Our typeahead library also searches by partial match and allows you to enter a portion of any part of the combination, such as "Sea, WA 981" for Seattle, Washington locations whose zip start with 981XX.

    Getting Started

    First, get your free API key from Ez Geo API. You can then begin to query our endpoints.

    Authorization Header

    Each request must contain your API key. Attach it in the header of your get request.

    "x-authorization": <YOUR-API-KEY>
    // In jQuery ajax
        url: '',
        headers: {


    Currently Ez Geo API has two endpoints available.


    Return the 50 most popular cities in the united states. This is used in the typeahead library to prefetch on initialization.


    Query a City, State or Zip with any of the following formats mentioned below.

    NOTE Currently the response will contain the top 5 hits for the query.

    Formats that work with the query enpoint:

    City, State, Zip - City, Zip - State, Zip - City, State - City, - Zip - City - City State Zip - City Zip - State Zip - City State - City,State,Zip - City,Zip - City,State - City , Zip - City City, Zip


    We would gladly accept pull requests.

    • Clone the repo
    • npm install
    • See the package.json for scripts to run.
    • run npm run build:prod to compile
    • commit


    • Return results by population
    • Send more data in the response
    • More query options




    npm i ezgeoquery-typeahead

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