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watch-events for changes to head in specified git branches


eye-of-git tracks the .git/refs/heads directory in a git repo for changes to the head commit. It emits commit events with the repo name, the branch that was changed and the commit it has been changed to.

var eog = require('eye-of-git')
var watcher = eog('../../brikabrak', ['master', 'publish'])
 * Lets get some "commit" events for the
 * heads already in the .git repo
 * Changes to branch heads will now
 * emit "commit" events.
watcher.on("commit", function (head) {
   * Twilio txt updates or other fun
   * here :)

Call the module with the directory to be watched as well as an optional list of files to track specifically. eog just hands these argument directly into a tiny-watcher instance.

This is the only event currently supported. The callback is called with the head object.

var head = {
          repo: "repo"
        , branch: "branch"
        , commit: "commit"

more information may be included in future versions.

force eog instance to emit commit events for all of the head files that the underlying tiny-watcher is tracking.

npm install eye-of-git