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Example of an extrusive app.



Obsidian is an "extrusive” rock, which means it is made from magma that erupted out of a volcano.
^ Wonderful markdown editor!

extrusive.md is now stable! Install version ^1.2.3 today!

There are a lot of markdown interfaces out there. There are a lot of documentation tools out there.

extrusive.md fills the niche that none of these do.

  1. 100% free and open-source now, and forever!
  2. Hands you control and can be compiled as a static website, or an express server!
  3. Designed with a simple interface that requires almost no set-up work.
  4. Allows easy implementation of custom styles in your documentation.
  5. Builds lightning-fast using your folder structure and .md files. Meaning you can edit your docs in whatever environment you want.
  6. Includes a built-in search bar, that works... That you don't have to pay for!
  7. Has a simple toggle for light/dark mode.
  8. Built with a mobile-first design model and styled with inspiration from other modern documentation websites.
  9. O.O.T.B. support for ion-icons + custom HTML directly in your markdown!
  10. Built-in print/save as pdf support.

extrusive.md may not have all the bells and whistles, but it makes up for these by being open-ended and ready for you to customize!


Read the docs!

Development Roadmap


  • Emoji support. ([marked-emoji](https://www.npmjs.com/package/marked-emoji))
  • Admonition support. ([marked-admonition-extension](https://www.npmjs.com/package/marked-admonition-extension))
  • Cleaner, more reliable client-side code.
  • Automatical removal of search results that link to paths that no longer exist.
  • Folder/file level of importance for sorting.
  • Search should use all unique words in query and compare against all unique words in document.
  • Fix <kbd/> element styles on light mode within search modal.


  • "start" command with live server for development that does not rely on a build.
  • Sanitize output html.
  • Fix build command only sometimes needing the --force option to overwrite. (usually when not using the default "build" folder label)


  • Explore the potential for headless CMS.

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