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The bit is a basic unit of information in information theory, computing.
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The concept of a bit, which stands for binary digit, has been a fundamental unit of information in the fields of information theory and computing. Bitwise operations are used to manipulate and process data at the bit level, and these operations are crucial for efficient programming in a variety of domains, such as computer graphics and cryptography. JavaScript converts a Number (a 64-bit floating point number) to a 32-bit integer when bitwise operators (such as |) are applied. All bitwise operations are performed on 32-bit integers. This package includes bit twiddling hacks by Sean Eron Anderson and many others.

This package is available in Node.js and Web formats. To use it on the web, simply use the extra_bit global variable after loading with a <script> tag from the jsDelivr CDN.

Stability: Experimental.

const xbit = require('extra-bit');
// import * as xbit from "extra-bit";
// import * as xbit from "https://unpkg.com/extra-bit/index.mjs"; (deno)

// → 3 (111 ⇒ 3)

xbit.parity(8, 2);
// → 2 (10,00 ⇒ 10)

xbit.swap(6, 1, 0);
// → 5 (110 ⇒ 101)

// → 65535 (0x0000FFFF)

xbit.signExtend(15, 4);
// → -1


Property Description
get Get bits at specified index.
getAs Get bits as per mask.
set Set bits at specified index.
setAs Set bits as per mask.
toggle Toggle bits at specified index.
toggleAs Toggle bits as per mask.
swap Swap bit sequences at specified indices.
scan Find index of first set bit from LSB.
scanReverse Find index of first set bit from MSB.
count Count bits set.
parity Calculate n-bit parity.
rotate Rotate bits by a certain amount.
reverse Reverse all bits.
merge Merge bits as per mask.
interleave Interleave bits of two int16s.
signExtend Sign extend variable bit-width integer.


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