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Ext JS Foundation exported to Node JS. Pure JavaScript utilities.


Ext JS Foundation exported to NodeJS. It only includes the JavaScript utilities that really matter for NodeJS development. Check the docs for a full list of what is included.

Current version: Ext JS 4.1 beta

Standard node module install should do:

$ npm install extnode
var Ext = require('extnode');

You can also use the developer version, which is uncompressed and debuggable.

var Ext = require('extnode/dev');
var Ext = require('extnode');

//you can define classes
Ext.define('App.model.Person', {
  config: {
    name: '',
    age: 0
  constructor: function(config) {
    return this;

//create instances
var John = new App.model.Person({
  name: 'John',
  age: 27

//have getters and setters automatically
console.log(John.getName()); //John
console.log(John.getAge()); //27
console.log(John.getAge()); //28

//and extend
  extend: 'App.model.Person',
  drinkCoffee: function(){
    console.log('drinking cooffee...');

var Bruno = new App.model.Developer({
  name: 'Bruno',
  age: 22

console.log(Bruno.getName()); //Bruno
Bruno.drinkCoffee(); //drinking coffee...

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