Some extensions for spine framework


Extended spine framework. It gives you ability to instantiate controllers almost like in Angular.

You can use it for example with SimQ.

$ npm install extended-spine

Now only spine controller is extended.

Controller = require 'extended-spine/Controller'
class MyController extends Controller
    constructor: (@el) ->
module.exports = MyController

As you can see, everything is same like in classic spine, only extended class is different.

Before everything, you have to add this one line of code into your javascript.

Controller = require 'extended-spine'

Now base controller has got jQuery object and it will also look for element in your page with data-application attribute. If it will not find it, whole html page will be used. Every element inside this data-application element with data-controller element will be used for controller. Example is much better for explain.

<div data-application>
    <div data-controller="/path/to/controller/for/this/element">...</div>

Text in data-controller attribute is path used in require method.

This means that now you don't have to instantiate controllers on your own. :-)

If your application uses for example ajax for repainting elements, you can use two methods, showed below for refreshing your controllers.

Controller = require 'extended-spine'
el = $('#element-which-will-be-repainted')
$.get(url, (data) ->

You can also set if some of your controllers is only for mobile or only for computers.

<div data-controller="/app/controllers/just/for/mobile" data-mobile>
<div data-controller="/app/controllers/just/for/computer" data-computer>
$ npm test
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