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extend grunt api, like grunt.file.copyDir...


extend grunt api, like grunt.file、grunt.task, and more.

In order to extend grunt API, first you need to install this plugin

npm install extend-grunt-api --save-dev

then, in your Gruntfile.js, add a line of code. All done, enjoy yourself. Currently, there are only a few APIs supplied, if you have more need or ideas, please let me know.


Copy directory src to dest recursively.


grunt.file.copyDir('src', 'dest');

Inside a grunt task, you can get the name of the task currently run by using, but it doesn't work outside of task.


module.exports = function(grunt){
  grunt.log.write(grunt.task.getCurName()); // you will get 'hello' if you run task with 'grunt hello' 
  grunt.registerTask('hello', function(){
    // sth todo