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Sencha Ext.Direct connector for node.js

Important: Version 2.0.0 and up is not compatible with previous 1.x branch


  • Sencha Touch 2.3+
  • Ext JS 4.2.x+
  • Ext JS 5+
  • Ext JS 6.5+

Example code

Sample applications for Touch and Ext JS can be found here: https://github.com/jurisv/extdirect.examples

Official Sencha example (using Ext JS 6.5) can be found here: https://github.com/sencha-extjs-examples/Coworkee

Ext JS:

* Application structure with API provider
* Grid CRUD Master-detail
* Cookie / Session
* Direct method call, shows regular call and onw that has hard exception (syntax error)
* Form Load / Submit
* Form file upload (Cross domain upload is not supported!)
* Tree root / child dynamic load
* Metadata (Starting from Ext JS 5)
* Namespaces (From 4.2)

Sencha Touch:

* Application structure with API provider
* List read using directFn
* Form load / submit


For usage please refer to Examples.

Configuration description:

    "ES6": false, // Support method discovery without `function` keyword.  
    "rootNamespace": "Server", // Namespace in which server will be accessible from client side
    "apiName": "API", // API name
    "apiUrl": "/directapi", // URL to retrieve API configuration
    "classRouteUrl": "/direct", // URL to call Direct methods
    "classPath": "/direct", // Direct class location in filesystem relative to the server directory
    "server": "localhost", // Hosting server name
    "port": "3000", // Hosting server port
    "protocol": "http", // http | https
    "timeout": 30000, // Operation timeout
    "cacheAPI": false, // Set true to cache API's for production. During development setting to false will allow to make any changes and access API's without server reload.
    "relativeUrl": false, // Use relative URL's
    "appendRequestResponseObjects": true, // If true, will append req and res objects to method call
    "enableMetadata": true, // Metadata support
    "responseHelper": true, // Automatically append success true|false
    "enableProcessors": true //Enable Helpers to have methods before and after API discovery as well as before and after Transaction batch


  • 2.0.5 (10 jul 2017)

    • Add link to Sencha official example. No changes in API.
  • 2.0.4 (14 may 2017)

    • Support method discovery without function keyword. Implement #35
  • 2.0.3 (14 may 2017)

    • Wrong url is computed at request /directapi Fix #36
  • 2.0.2 (23 feb 2017)

    • Fix deeply nested api discovery
  • 2.0.1 (3 jun 2015)

    • Allow callback to return boolean "false" value. (@cpmoser)
  • 2.0.0 (14 may 2015)

    • Comment source code and use descriptive variable names #21
    • Implement namespaced Classes to have nested actions #29 See below
    • Add namespace support (nested Actions) You can now organize files using folders
    • More streamlined definition for metadata and formHandler (//@meta and //@formHandler )
    • Exclude non .js files from API discovery
    • Separate route paths for classes (classRouteUrl and classPath)
    • Use latest Express framework in examples, closes #28
    • New property 'cacheAPI' allows to bypass node module caching, which gives the option to work on class files without reloading the server
    • Callback format changed to be in line with node.js standards callback(err, result); closes #30
    • New property 'responseHelper'. It will add success: true/false to result payload if:
      • We set success to true if responseHelper is TRUE and callback is called without any arguments or with true as result or result object is present, but success is missing
      • We set success to false if autoResponse is TRUE and callback is called with result set to false
    • Place Processor files or any othere relevant scriots in .scripts folder. It will be ignored during API discovery
    • API Processor. Two methods beforeApi and afterApi to hook in to API discovery flow. See Examples for ExtJS
    • Router Processor. Two methods beforeTransaction and afterTransaction. See Examples for ExtJS. Use them to open and close db connection.
    • Add support for metadata #27


npm i extdirect

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