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An extension to Express server to add grouping functionality

Express (Route) Grouping

Using underscore or lodash you can now extend your express.js application to now include route grouping. Group routes with a prefix. For example if you wanted to group all your API routes, you can now do so. Have a look at the example below for how to implement.

var express = require('express');
var _ = require("underscore");
var app = express();
_.extend(app, require("expressgroup")(app));
app.get("/", function(req, res){
});{prefix:"/api/v1"}, function(route){
  // defaults to GET method 
  // this route will be available at host:port/api/v1/foo 
  route({url:"/foo", callback:function(req, res){
  // methods can be any of the HTTP methods commonly used 
  // the route will be available at host:port/api/v1/hello 
  route({method:"get", url:"/hello", callback:function(req, res){
    res.send("hello world");