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express controller

Easy way to do controllers using express

With support to Async/Await and Generator based control flow

Steps to setup a controller

  1. Create a new file to be a controller;

  2. Import the library

const Controller = require( 'express_controller' );
  1. Instantiate the controller with its base path
const ctrl = new Controller( '/' );
  1. Append any filters you want
ctrl.restrict( AuthFilter );

A filter is an abstraction for any route middleware used by the express, so it is a function with this signature:

filter( req, res, next ) {
  // ...

Check out Express.js docs for more info.

  1. Define the routes (again, like plain express.js):
ctrl.get( '/clients', ( req, res ) => {
} );
  1. Export the routes at the end of the files
module.exports = ctrl.routes;
  1. Import this controller in your main app.js
const app = express();
app.use('/', require('your_controller_1.js') );
app.use('/', require('your_controller_2.js') );
// ...
app.use('/', require('your_controller_N.js') );
// OR, if those are in a path:
walk(path.join(__dirname, '/app/controllers')).forEach(file => app.use('/', require(file)));

In the example, walk is a library to get all files from a path, you can find here.

Wait there is more!

  1. Async/await

If you want to have async methods inside one route logic, just do it:

ctrl.get( '/client', async ( req, res ) => {
  const clients = await Clients.find( {} );
  res.render( 'clients/index', { clients } );
  1. Generator based control flow

If you want to yield your code, with promises, inside a generator, this is supported too

ctrl.get( '/client', function *( req, res ) => {
  const clients = yield Clients.find( {} );
  res.render( 'clients/index', { clients } );

This is done using simplerunner library info here.

  1. Errors! Errors! and more Errors!

Once more, the error treatment is express-ish, just append this after your routes:

// errors
app.use( function (err, req, res, next) {
  // here your have the errors

More info here.

This errors include exceptions and rejections threw by the yield/awaited functions as well.


npm i express_controller

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