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Express X-Hub

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X-Hub-Signature Express.js Middleware. A compact way to validate X-Hub requests to ensure they have not been tampered with. Particularly useful for Facebook real-time updates and GitHub web hooks.

Getting Started

Install the middleware with this command:

npm install express-x-hub --save

Then add the middleware to Express.js. It needs to be one of the first and before bodyParser().

var xhub = require('express-x-hub');
app.use(xhub({ algorithm: 'sha1', secret: XHUB_SECRET_HERE }));

Where XHUB_SECRET_HERE is your platform's (facebook, github, etc) secret.

This will add some special sauce to your req object:

Request Additions

isXHub boolean

Is the request X-Hub. Allows you to early reject any messages without XHub content.

var isXHub = req.isXHub;
if(!isXHub) { return this.reject('No X-Hub Signature', req, res); }

isXHubValid req.isXHubValid()

Returns a boolean value. Validates the request body against the X-Hub signature using your secret.

var isValid = req.isXHubValid();
if(!isValid){ return this.reject('Invalid X-Hub Request', req, res); }

If its valid, then the request has not been tampered with and you are safe to process it.


  1. npm test - Run tests.
  2. gulp - Lint and run tests.


Some very simple examples can be found in the example dir.

Start the server:

node ./example/server.js

Curl in an emulated X-Hub post:

sh ./example/curl_valid.sh
>> { "success""X-Hub Is Valid" }
sh ./example/curl_invalid.sh
>> { "error""X-Hub Is Invalid" }


secret string - required

X-Hub secret that is used to validate the request body against the signed X-HUB signature on the header.

algorithm string

Encryption algorithm used to generate the signature. Defaults to sha1.

limit string

Limit on the request body size. Defaults to 100kb.

encoding string

Encoding on the raw input stream. Defaults to utf8.

strict boolean

Strict demands on the JSON. Defaults to true.

reviver function

Reviver used during JSON.parse.


npm i express-x-hub-bigint

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