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Express Webpack Builder

A simple Webpack builder that can run and hot reload a client app as well as automatically restart an Express server when changes are detected.


In your build script (eg. bin/build):

#! /usr/bin/env node
const Builder = require('express-webpack-builder');;

So when you run bin/build hot (assuming it has execute permission) you should get a server running at http://localhost:5000 with hot reload.

Client code changes will hot reload in the browser.

Server code changes will automatically restart the server.

The server location is guessed from your package.json's main value or can be specified using a second parameter to build():, { 
    serverPath: `${Builder.APP_ROOT_PATH}/server` 

Webpack Config Helper

In your webpack.config.js:

const Builder = require('express-webpack-builder');
module.exports = Builder.webpackConfig(); // Use the defaults

Or you can define more things:

const Builder = require('express-webpack-builder');
module.exports = Builder.webpackConfig({
    template: `${Builder.APP_ROOT_PATH}/app/server/views/client.html`,
    favicon: `${Builder.APP_ROOT_PATH}/app/assets/favicon.png`

Or be even more specific...

const Builder = require('express-webpack-builder');
let config = Builder.webpackConfig({
    htmlPlugin: new Builder.HtmlWebpackPlugin({
        filename: 'client.hbs',
        chunks: ['client'],
        inject: false,
        template: `${Builder.APP_ROOT_PATH}/app/server/views/client.hbs`,
        favicon: `${Builder.APP_ROOT_PATH}/app/assets/favicon.png`,
        minify: {
            keepClosingSlash: true,
            removeComments: true,
            collapseWhitespace: true,
            removeRedundantAttributes: true
config.output.path = `${Builder.APP_ROOT_PATH}/dist`;
module.exports = config;

The Builder.HtmlWebpackPlugin is a shortcut to html-webpack-plugin and uses the same config.