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Utils for express/connect

Some small utils for express/connect.


If this option is true the request object will be extended by a absoluteUrl function. This function returns the complete absolute Url of the request as a string. If the application contains a setting basePath, the value of that setting will be prepended to the pathname. If trust proxy is enabled, the values of the header fields x-forwarded-proto x-forwarded-host x-forwarded-port are used for the related Url parts.



This enables the absoluteUrl function.


This option can be used to assign default values to properties of the session which are undefined. This may be useful for default languages, users, etc.



This assign the value ' to the variable agent of the session object if the property is undefined.

Using multiple utils

It's possible to use multiple utils at the same time.


app.use(require('express-utils')({'absoluteUrl':true, 'defaultSessionParameters':{'agent':''}}));

Enables the absoluteUrl function and sets a default agent if the property is undefined.