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An Express middleware for Server-Sent Events (EventSource)


An Express middleware for quick'n'easy server-sent events.

express-sse is meant to keep things simple. You need to send server-sent events without too many complications and fallbacks? This is the library to do so.

npm install --save express-sse


yarn add express-sse

You can pass an optional options object to the constructor. Currently it only supports changing the way initial data is treated. If you set isSerialized to false, the initial data is sent as a single event. The default value is true.

var sse = new SSE(["array", "containing", "initial", "content", "(optional)"], { isSerialized: false, initialEvent: 'optional initial event name' });
var SSE = require('express-sse');
var sse = new SSE(["array", "containing", "initial", "content", "(optional)"]);
app.get('/stream', sse.init);
sse.send(content, eventName);
sse.send(content, eventName, customID);
sse.updateInit(["array", "containing", "new", "content"]);
sse.serialize(["array", "to", "be", "sent", "as", "serialized", "events"]);
var es = new EventSource('/stream');
es.onmessage = function (event) {
es.addEventListener(eventName, function (event) {