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    this package has been deprecated


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    Lightweight Session management middleware for ExpressJS with garbage collection of timeout session keys.

    Follow this project on github for the newest releases and updates.

    Why another session middleware?

    Beause express-session middleware has purposely made it's Memorystore to leak. express-Session-lw doesn't leak and has automatic hoovering of idle session keys.

    Dont take my word for it:

    (quote from express-session doc) Warning The default server-side session storage, Memory Store , is purposely not designed for a production environment. It will leak memory under most conditions, does not scale past a single process, and is meant for debugging and developing.


    • Keys are stored in memory.

    • Garbage collection runs at specified user configurable intervals.

    • Can co-exist with CookieParser middle-ware.

    • Per session settable idle time.

    • Timeout session keys are automatically replaced by new ones , and an empty session store is associated with the new key.


      npm install --save express-session-lw


    functions exported by the module

    function arguments description
    this options object (see next section) Initialize middle-ware
    gc none garbage collector, you can call it explicitly
    getSessionData key (user session key) fetch the session data object belonging to a session key


    const express = require('express');
    var app = express();
    const express_session_lw = require('express-session-lw');
    app.use ( express_session_lw( options ) );

    Options object properties

    Property name Description Default Value
    debug Will show tracing/logging info via console.log false
    globalTimeOut The time for a session to be idle (no browser activity) before the session key is discarded 30 (seconds)
    garbageCollect garbage collector interval to hoover up , timed out session keys 500 (seconds)
    sessionKeyName The name of the cookie to be used as session key "lw_session_id"

    Basic usage

    const express = require('express');
    var app = express();
    const express_session_lw = require('express-session-lw');
    const session_middleware = express_session_lw({
         // clean up session keys that have been idle for 3 hours
        // garbage collect timed-out session keys every 60 seconds
        garbageCollect: 60,
        // name of the cookie to hold the session key

    Example use of garbage collector and session data fetch outside of express middleware.

    // explicity call the garbage collector
    // fetch from global memory store,
    // the session related storage object using the session key.
    var session_data = express_session_lw.getSessionData( key );


    The object property session_data is automatically added to the request object, with the following properties

    property name Description
    key key value as (string)
    last_access integer unix timestamp of the last time this session key was used.

    Adjust max idle time on a per session basis

    Add the property timeout to the request object and will override globalTimeOut in the option object used to initialize the middleware

    Adding data to the session:

    Just add your own custom properties to the request.session_data object.

    app.get("/login" , function (req, send, next) {
      // these properties always exist,
      console.log(req.session_data.key); // print out my session key
      console.log(req.session_data.last_access); // print out the last usage
      // add new session properties
      req.session_data.shopcart = [ 'item1', 'item2','item3'];


    npm i express-session-lw

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