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express-prismic support for ExpressJS

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This is a set of helpers to use in an Express application. If you're starting from scratch, our NodeJS SDK is a good base.


After including express-prismic in your package.json, simply import the prismic object:

var prismic = require('express-prismic').Prismic;

The Prismic object is extended from the Javascript Kit, so any attribute of the official kit, for example Predicates, is also available in the object exposed by express-prismic.

It needs to be initialized with your configuration:

  apiEndPoint: "", // Mandatory 
  linkResolver: function(doc) { // Mandatory 
    return false;
  accessToken: "xxx" // Optional 


You can then create a Prismic context in your routes if you need to query your repository:

app.route('/').get(function(req, res) {
  var p = prismic.withContext(req,res); // This will retrieve the API object asynchronously (using a promise) 
  p.getByUID('page', 'get-started', function (err, document) {
    res.render('index-prismic', {
      document: document

Several helper functions are available to query your repository. The most flexible is the query function:

  var p = prismic.withContext(req,res); // This will retrieve the API object asynchronously (using a promise) 
  p.query(prismic.Predicate.fulltext('document', term), {
    page: 2,
    pageSize: 10
  }, function (err, results) {


You can preview any document including drafts in your production site, securely. All you have to do is:

  • Include this route: app.route('/preview').get(prismic.preview);
  • Configure the URL to that preview route in the settings of your repository
  • Make sure that the Prismic Toolbar is included in your views