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    welcome to express-boilerplate-generator 👋

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    generates new express applications in everyone's favourite language typescript with various options to choose from based on your project needs

    🏠 homepage

    📰 npm


    $ npm i -g express-boilerplate-generator


    Run anyone of following commands:

    $ express-gen
    # or
    $ express-typescript-generator
    # or
    $ express-ts-gen

    Or, to avoid installation and usage simply use the following command:

    $ npx express-boilerplate-generator

    what is it

    creates a new express application as a starter boilerplate similar to the express-gen module. except this new application is configured to use typeScript instead of plain javascript and provides various options such as, kind of project structure to use with focus on auth support along with documentaion to fasten the development process.

    🤔 why express-boilerplate-generator

    nodejs is great for the rapid development of web-projects, but is often neglected because of the lack of type safety. typescript solves this issue and (along with its linter file) can even make your code more robust than some other static languages like java.

    there are some other tools out there to generate express apps with javascript such as Express application generator, but these either haven't been updated in a while or don't support typescript or don't have pre-added documentation support.

    in this application you have two options to setup a project either with or without auth.

    📜 different options available explained

    description of various options available
    name description
    express-server-boilerplate this type of structure provides auth-less express server boilerplate codes to kickstart your backend development along with the support of typedoc & swagger.
    express-server-boilerplate-auth this type of structure provides express server boilerplate codes to kickstart your backend development with authentication support. It uses passport-jwt and passport as dependency.

    happy app-deving 😊

    👤 author

    open devs (

    🚀 future scope

    • adding docker & container configurations
    • adding template support
    • more template structures

    🤝 contributing

    contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
    feel free to check issues page. you can also take a look at the contributing guide.

    🙌 show your support

    give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!

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    📝 license

    copyright © 2020 open devs (
    This project is MIT licensed.

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