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Expo Yarn Workspaces

This is a package that provides support for Yarn workspaces within monorepos like the Expo repository. It finesses Yarn workspaces, Metro, and the Expo repository to work together.

How apps work with workspaces

Each Expo app in the repository that is intended to work with Yarn workspaces (as opposed to being tested in a non-workspace environment) does the steps described below. All of the steps are important and need to be followed carefully.

Add expo-yarn-workspaces as a devDependency

Run yarn add --dev expo-yarn-workspaces. This adds scripts provided by expo-yarn-workspaces to the project under its node_modules/.bin directory and also defines modules the app will use.

Add a postinstall script to package.json

Add "postinstall": "expo-yarn-workspaces postinstall" under the "scripts" object in the app's package.json file. The postinstall script does two things:

  1. It creates symlinks for packages that some programs expect to exist under node_modules, namely expo and react-native. These symlinks point to the respective packages installed in the workspace root.

  2. It generates an entry module for the app that assumes your app's root component is exported from App.js (App.${platform}.js also works). This is similar to conventional Expo apps, but we need to generate a different entry module because Metro does not use the logical path to the entry module within the symlinked expo package.

Define the entry module in the "main" field of package.json

The postinstall script determines the location of the generated entry module by looking at the "main" field in package.json. In a conventional Expo app, the value of the "main" field is node_modules/expo/AppEntry.js. In a workspace in the Expo repo, specify "__generated__/AppEntry.js" as the value of the "main" field in package.json.

You can specify other paths too. The .expo directory is convenient since it already contains auto-generated files and is .gitignore'd.

Create a file named metro.config.js and reference it from app.json

Create a file named metro.config.js in the app's base directory with these contents:

const { createMetroConfiguration } = require('expo-yarn-workspaces');

module.exports = createMetroConfiguration(__dirname);

The expo-yarn-workspaces package defines a Metro configuration object that makes Metro work with Yarn workspaces in the Expo repo. It configures Metro to include packages from the workspace root, resolves symlinked packages, excludes modules from Haste's module system, and exclude modules in the native Android and Xcode projects. You can further customize this configuration object before exporting it, if needed.

Add this JSON fragment to app.json under the "expo" object to tell Metro about the custom configuration:

"packagerOpts": {
  "config": "metro.config.js"

Aside: when starting the project, run expo start --clear so Metro uses the latest configuration instead of working with cached values.




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