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A snackbar component for Android and iOS, customizable and simple.

Snackbar demo With fab

See Google Material Design for more info on Snackbars.


npm install --save react-native-snackbar-component

Basic Usage

import SnackBar from 'react-native-snackbar-component'


<SnackBar visible={true} textMessage="Hello There!" actionHandler={()=>{console.log("snackbar button clicked!")}} actionText="let's go"/>


Prop Type Effect Default Value
visible boolean Show or hide the snackbar none
textMessage string / function The main message text, can also supply a function returning JSX to render custom message UI none
actionHandler function Function to be called when button is pressed, if absent no action button is shown none
actionText message The text of action button, will be uppercased automatically none
backgroundColor color The background color of snackbar #484848
accentColor color The color of action button text orange
messageColor color The color of main message text #FFFFFF
distanceCallback function Function to be caled whenever snackbar moves in and out or changes layout, the function will be supplied a number indicating distance taken up by snackbar on bottom or top, based on position. (distance) => {}
position string The position of the snackbar: top, bottom bottom
top / bottom / left / right number Use these to position the snackbar 0
autoHidingTime number How many milliseconds the snackbar will be hidden 0 (Do not hide automatically)
containerStyle object Override or add style to the root container View {}
messageStyle object Override or add style to the message Text {}
actionStyle object Override or add style to the action button Text {}


  • When visible prop is changed, the snackbar will be animated in/out of screen
  • The snackbar will not auto-dismiss by itself, for auto-dismiss use setTimeout() and change value passed to prop to false.
  • This works great together with react-native-fab. See demo for example and instructions how to.

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