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    A React component that renders a preview for the device's either front or back camera. Camera's parameters like zoom, auto focus, white balance and flash mode are adjustable. With expo-camera, one can also take photos and record videos that are saved to the app's cache. Morever, the component is also capable of detecting faces and bar codes appearing on the preview.

    API documentation

    Installation in managed Expo projects

    For managed managed Expo projects, please follow the installation instructions in the API documentation for the latest stable release.

    Installation in bare React Native projects

    For bare React Native projects, you must ensure that you have installed and configured the react-native-unimodules package before continuing.

    Add the package to your npm dependencies

    expo install expo-camera

    Configure for iOS

    Add NSCameraUsageDescription and NSMicrophoneUsageDescription keys to your Info.plist:

    <string>Allow $(PRODUCT_NAME) to use the camera</string>
    <string>Allow $(PRODUCT_NAME) to use the microphone</string>

    Run npx pod-install after installing the npm package.

    Configure for Android

    This package automatically adds the CAMERA permission to your app. If you want to record videos with audio, you have to include the RECORD_AUDIO.

    <!-- Added permissions -->
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />
    <!-- Optional permissions -->
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO" />

    Adjust the android/build.gradle to add a new maven block after all other repositories as described below:

    allprojects {
        repositories {
            // * Your other repositories here *
            // * Add a new maven block after other repositories / blocks *
            maven {
                // expo-camera bundles a custom com.google.android:cameraview
                url "$rootDir/../node_modules/expo-camera/android/maven"

    The sourcecode for cameraview can be found at expo/cameraview.


    Contributions are very welcome! Please refer to guidelines described in the contributing guide.


    npm i expo-camera

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