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Explore directories in various ways.

Main function: explorer.explore (root[, options])

explore returns an EventEmitter.

It recursively goes through the directories under root, and while doing so, emits various events.

Events emitted

  • directory (root, entryName, stat)
  • file (root, entryName, stat)
  • symlink (root, entryName, stat)
  • enter (root, entryName) - when it enters a subdirectory
  • leave (root, entryName) - when it has left a subdirectory
  • start
  • end (error)


  • It starts doing it work on the next tick, so you are able to bind event listeners.
  • It stops exploration after an error occurs. This error will be made available as the first argument to the end event listener. If exploration finishes without errors, the error argument will be null.
  • It currently does not follow symlinks.

Convenience functions

explorer.getFiles (root[, options], cb)

cb gets called with (err, filePaths).

explorer.getDirectories (root[, options], cb)

cb gets called with (err, directoryPaths).

explorer.countFiles (root[, options], cb)

cb gets called with (err, numFiles).

explorer.countDirectories (root[, options], cb)

cb gets called with (err, numDirectories).

explorer.getDirectoryTree (root[, options], cb)

cb gets called with (err, tree). tree is the root node of a tree structure where each node has a label (string) and nodes (array) property. This can be given to archy as is.

explorer.getNamespaceObject (root[, options], cb)

cb gets called with (err, nsObject). nsObject is the root node of a namespace structure where each node has properties named after the name subdirectories it contains, the value being another directory node.

This is useful when you use a hierarchical global namespace for your application components and the folder structure of your application closely matches the namespace you use. You may want to recursively change the property names with a tool like tower-strcase or change-case.


Each function takes an optional options object as second-last argument. Currently, the following options are available:

Boolean, defaulting to false

  • ignoreNodeModules - ignore node_modules directory
  • ignoreVersionControl - ignore version control directories: .git, .svn, .hg
  • sort - entries in each directory are processed in alphabetical order


  • ignoreDirectories - array with names of directories to ignore. This array is augmented with any directories following from other options.


The initial structure of this module was generated by Jumpstart, using the Jumpstart Black Coffee template.

The interface for the explore function - on which the other functions rely - was inspired by node-walk by AJ ONeal


explorer is released under the MIT License.
Copyright (c) 2013 Meryn Stol




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