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Tar exploding facility


explode (and implode) are command line utilities for creating and opening .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 directories. Because life is too short for tar.


With node.js and npm:

npm install explode -g

You can now use explode and implode from the command line.

Extract foo.tar into ./foo

explode foo.tar

Extract foo.tar into ~/bar

explode foo.tar ~/bar

Extract foo.tar.gz

explode foo.tar.gz

Extract foo.tar.bz2 into ./bar

explode foo.tar.bz2 bar

Create a foo.tar from the bar directory

implode foo.tar bar

Create a foo.tar.gz from the bar directory

implode foo.tar.gz bar

Create a foo.tar.bz2 from the bar directory.

implode foo.tar.bz2 bar

If you just want to tar a directory, this will do what you expect

implode bar #=> creates bar.tar

Getting the args the wrong way around works as you expect

implode foo bar.tar

To Heather Arthur for creating replace, on which this is based.