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Mina zkApp: Zkapp Offchain Storage

An experimental library designed for storing zkApp data off-chain. The project is currently in development and is not intended for production use. This library serves as a reference implementation for Tutorial 6, which illustrates how to store zkApp data off-chain."



Ensure all required modules are installed. To do so, run the following command:

npm install


Blockchain Mode

In the main.ts file, you can toggle the useLocalBlockchain variable to switch between local testing and real-world usage.

Account Configuration:

For local testing, predefined accounts will be used. For Berkeley mode, you must provide a deployerPrivateKey and zkAppPrivateKey as command line arguments.

To generate these keys, you can use the following command:

npm run generate-key

Running the Application:

Ensure that the offchain server is running. To do so, run the following command:

npm run server

This will start the server on port 3001.

Finally, to run the example, use the following command:

npm run build
node build/src/examples/main.js [deployerPrivateKey] [zkAppPrivateKey]

Note: Always remember to safeguard private keys and never expose them publicly. Use environment variables or secure vaults to manage sensitive information in production environments.

zkApp Storage Server

This server is designed to interact with the zkApp and help store and manage zkApp related data. It is currently set up for development purposes and should not be relied upon for production-level storage.


  1. CORS enabled for cross-origin requests.
  2. Storing data for a given zkApp address with a height and items.
  3. Fetching stored data for a zkApp address based on its root.
  4. Provides the public key of the server.
  5. Background job running cleanup operations to manage outdated or irrelevant data.
  6. Both local and Berkeley blockchains are supported for the Mina network.


  1. POST /data
  • Save data for a zkApp address.
  • Body parameters: height, items, zkAppAddress.
  1. GET /data
  • Fetch stored data for a zkApp address based on its root.
  • Query parameters: zkAppAddress, root.
  1. GET /publicKey
  • Provides the public key of the server.



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