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Expedia API

Small client interface for the Expedia EAN api. Provides an interface for the following methods:

  • Hotel List Retrieve a list of hotels by location or a list of specific hotel ids
  • Hotel Information Retrive detailed information about a hotel from a hotel id
  • Room Availability Retrieve all available rooms at a specific hotel that accommodate the provided guest count and any other criteria.
  • Room Images Retrieve a list room images for a specific hotelId organized by room type
  • Payment Types Retrieves credit card types compatible current request settings
  • Book Reservation Requests a reservation for the specified room(s).
  • Itinerary Request Retrieve an existing itinerary's status and details, confirm the status of a previously requested booking, or retrieve a list of itineraries from a specified date span.
  • Cancel Reservation Cancel an existing reservation for a single room.
  • Ping Request Send a ping request to expedia API servers to determine if service is available in the event of a suspected outage or ISP issue, or to obtain EAN's Unix server time when troubleshooting issues with signature authentication.
  • Geo Functions Obtain location data such as a specific destinationId, latitude/longitude coordinates, and the number of active properties available within the location.


Install with npm:
npm install expedia


Usage requires a Expedia Api key and CID. For development use you can use the CIN 55505. You can obtain your api key from the Expedia EAN api documentation.

 var options = {
        cid     : "YOUR CID",
        apiKey  : "YOUR EAN API KEY",
        locale  : "en_US",  // optional defaults to en_US 
        currencyCode :"USD"  // optional defaults to USD 
var expedia = require("expedia")(options);


Expedia requires that you pass in a customer ip, unique session identifier, and browser agent. The remaining parameters are defined in the Expedia EAN api documentation. Please see the example directory for more options.

var options = {
  "customerSessionId" : "thisisauniqueID",
  "customerIpAddress" : "",
  "customerUserAgent" : "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_4) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko)",
  "LocationInfoRequest": {
    "locale": "en_US",
    "destinationString": "Seattle, WA"
expedia.geoSearch(options, function(err, res){
    if(err)throw new Error(err);