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Exhibit.js builder plugin

Lints JavaScript with JSHint.

$ npm install -D exhibit-builder-jshint

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  .use('jshint', options)

This scans JavaScript with JSHint and reports any errors found.


include (string/array/function) — default: '**/*.js'

Chooses which files should be linted. Follows Exhibit’s glob convention.

reporter (string/object) — default: 'jshint-stylish' (included)

The name of a JSHint reporter module (or an actual loaded reporter object with a reporter method). You'll need to have installed it (except for jshint-stylish, which is bundled.)

jshintrc (boolean) — default: true

Whether or not to look for a .jshintrc file as config.

config (object) — default: undefined

Any additional JSHint options. These override any options from a .jshintrc file.

fail (boolean) — default: false

Set this to true if you want lint errors to fail the build.