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This is a command line utility to execute commands and get a feedback notification on the exit status of the notification of the command.


In order to install this utility, you need Node.js. To install it globally, execute the following command:

npm install -g exec-notify


To use this command, simply time node-exec command. If the command returns with a normal exit code, a success notification will pop-up in your screen:

exec-notify echo Success! # -> Success notification

However, if the command fails for some reason, you will receive a failure notification:

exec-notify "echo Failure... && false" # -> Failure notification

Using with your project

Suppose you are developing a Node.js application and you want to get a notification when your deploy is completed. You can use exec-notify in an npm script so that you get a notification of your deploy with a success or error message.

In order to do this, install exec-notify as a development dependency in your project (so whoever clones the source code can get notifications as well)

npm install --save-dev exec-notify

The, include a new entry in the scripts session of your package.json.

"scripts": {
	"deploy": "exec-notify echo Deploying app",
	// ...

Afterwards, you will get a notification whenever you run npm run deploy.

Supported Systems

This package uses the excellent Node Notifier. So theorically, Windows, GNU-Linux and Mac OS X are supported. In case you have problems, open an issue so I can take a look.


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