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This module converts your correctly formatted Excel spreadsheet to a specified table in specified database in MYSQL. The queries can also be written in a file (BETA).

Excel Formats Supported

Supported Excel formats are XLS/XLSX/CSV.


The Database must already be created in MYSQL. A table name should be provided. Please keep the column names in String format only.

Spreadsheet Format

Please have a look at the sample Excel sheets provided to have a clear view of the File. Microsoft Sample Sheet (XLSX)


npm install excel-to-mysql --save


git clone https://github.com/ngudbhav/excel-to-mysql.git
cd excel-to-mysql/

Navigate to the folder.

cd test/
nano test.js

Now this file needs the MYSQL credentials. Provide those credentials in String format and save by pressing the following keys.


Get back and test the module.

cd ..
npm test


Note: Please correctly format the excel sheet else this won't work.

var excelMysql = require('excel-to-mysql');

This module needs 3 arguments. The first one is the object with your credentials.

var credentialsForDB = {
    host: host,
    user: MYSQL Username,
    pass: Password for the above account,
    path: path for the excel file,
    table: Table name for creation,
    db: Your Database name
var credentialsForFile = {
    path: path for the excel file,
    table: Table name for creation,
    db: Your Database name

The second one is an optional argument of options with default values as follows.

var options = {
    verbose: true //logs the steps undergoing.
    autoId: false //Automatically insert id of every row, i.e., numbering every row.
    customStartEnd: false //Custom insert the row and columns rather than full excel-file.
    startRow: <required> //Valid only if customStartEnd is true. Defines the start Row of the data.
    endRow: <required> //Valid only if customStartEnd is true. Defines the end Row of the data.
    startCol: <required> //Valid only if customStartEnd is true. Defines the start Column of the data.
    endCol: <required> //Valid only if customStartEnd is true. Defines the end Column of the data.
    safeMode: false //Backup the db to the current working directory with <db>.sql as file name.

The third argument is the callback function which will be executed only after the completion of the whole conversion.

excelMysql.covertToMYSQL(credentials, options, callback);
excelMysql.convertToFile(credentials, options, callback);

convertToFile Function will write the .sql file to the current working directory with .sql as the file name.

Want to covert to MongoDB instead?

We have got you covered! Github Link.

Want to use the GUI instead?

We have got you covered! Github Link.


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