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This package includes common and basic building elements for all evo projects.

In this version, it includes:

  • BiMap: a bi-directional map which maps a key entity <key1, key2> to a value;
  • Config: a simple configuration framework to release you from writing similar code in projects;
  • DelayedJob: ensure a postponed job won't be scheduled multiple times;
  • Errors: unified error representation;
  • Logger: logging infrastructure using syslog levels;
  • Schema: data object validation and normalization;
  • StateMachine: a state machine with easy-to-use DSL;
  • States: a basic framework for building a state machine;
  • Trace: simple console logging with predefined levels and customizable component names;
  • Try: simple try/catch block wrapper to save you writing try/catch by routing exception to callback.


npm install evo-elements

or pull directly from and link to your project:

git clone
npm link elements --prefix=node_modules

In your JavaScript code, use

var elements = require('evo-elements');

How to Use

See doc for manuals of individual components.


MIT/X11 License