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    About eventsauce

    eventsauce is an event-sourcing/CQRS Framework in Javascript, using ES6 language features. The goal of the project is to make domain-driven design concepts easy to apply in a repeatable, consistent way for NodeJS applications.


    If you wish to contribute to eventsauce then please create an issue to discuss the change or a pull request. Generally it's better to raise an issue first, as unannounced pull requests may not align to various long term goals. Particularly welcome are new modules for:

    • Event Store support - Adding support for new back-end event streams.
    • Message Bus support - Modules for event buses, such as Kafka.

    We're also working on improving documentation and examples, so watch this space.

    Code Quality & Standards

    The eventsauce project is hosted on GitHub, with CI builds by Travis-CI. All code submissions for core libraries are required to follow the airbnb ESLint ruleset and have 100% coverage with mocha/chai tests. Pull requests that do not pass the CI build or have untested code paths will be rejected.


    Code is presently licensed as GPLv2, and may be used freely.


    npm i eventsauce

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