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Cross platform, asynchronous EventEmitter.

======== Event.js

Cross platform, asynchronous EventEmitter.

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What Is Event?

Event.js is an implementation of the EventEmitter API that works in both Node.js and the browser. It should be compatible with every JavaScript inheritance utility (such as util.inherits). Alternatively, it also has its own inheritance utilities built in powered by Modelo.js <>_.

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var Person = Event.extend(),
    somePerson = new Person();

somePerson.on("birthday", function () { console.log("Happy B-Day."); })


// At some point later:
// Console Output: "Happy B-Day."

For more detailed usage guides and API specifications, see the official EventEmitter documentation <>_.


This package is published through NPM under the name eventjs::

$ npm install eventjs

Once installed, simply Event = require("eventjs").

This module uses browserify to create a browser compatible module. The default grunt workflow for this project will generate both a full and minified browser script in a build directory which can be included as a