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eventie - event binding helper

Makes dealing with events in IE8 bearable. Supported by IE8+ and good browsers.

var elem = document.querySelector('#my-elem');
function onElemClick( event ) {
  console.log( event.type + ' just happened on #' + );
  // -> click just happened on #my-elem 
eventie.bind( elem, 'click', onElemClick );
eventie.unbind( elem, 'click', onElemClick );


Download eventie.js

Install with Bower 🐦 bower install eventie

Install with npm 🚚 npm install eventie

Install with Component 🔩 component install desandro/eventie

IE 8

eventie add support for and .handleEvent method for Internet Explorer 8.

MIT license

eventie is released under the MIT license.