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Eventable is a lightweight asynchronous replacement for node's EventEmitter which also runs beautifully in the browser.


Eventable has two methods both of which behave very much like a standard EventEmitter: emitter.on(name, listener) and emitter.emit(name, args..., callback).

emitter.on(name, listener(args..., [callback]))

This method attaches a listener to an event. Like an EventEmitter, this takes two arguments, name and listner(args..., [callback]). In the listener function itself, however, there is a key difference. The function's expected arguments determine whether it is fired asynchronously or not; if listener includes a callback argument, it will be invoked asynchronously and the emitter.emit callback will not be run until after the listener's callback has fired.

If listener runs syncronously, listener should take as many arguments as there will be in args when emitter.emit(name, args..., callbœack) is called.

If the event is to be run asyncronously (or might have to run asyncronously) the emitter arguments must include all args from emitter.emit(name, args..., callback)and, at the end, callback. If the listener accepts a callback, it must fire the callback when œit is done executing.

emitter.emit(name, args..., callback)

The emitter.emit method also behaves very much like its EventEmitter counterpart except that it requires a callback. If you are not anticipating any async listeners (or just want them to run in the background) this callback can be an empty function but it must be present (or else the last arg will be treated like a callback!).


// Create an emitter
var emitter = new Eventable;

// Add a listener
emitter.on("foo", function(bar) {
	// ...

// Add an async listener
emitter.on("foo", function(bar, callback) {
	setTimeout(function() {
		// ...
	}, 1000);

// Emit the event
emitter.emit("foo", "baz", function() {
	// Doesn't run until the setTimeout is done!
	// ...


To install eventable, use npm

npm install eventable

Then Eventable can easily be included into any node.js project

Eventable = require("eventable");




npm i eventable

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