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    An implementation of WHATWG EventTarget interface and WHATWG Event interface. This implementation supports constructor, passive, once, and signal.

    This implementation is designed ...

    • Working fine on both browsers and Node.js.
    • TypeScript friendly.

    💿 Installation

    Use npm or a compatible tool.

    npm install event-target-shim

    📖 Getting started

    import { EventTarget, Event } from "event-target-shim";
    // constructor (was added to the standard on 8 Jul 2017)
    const myNode = new EventTarget();
    // passive flag (was added to the standard on 6 Jan 2016)
      (e) => {
        e.preventDefault(); // ignored and print warning on console.
      { passive: true }
    // once flag (was added to the standard on 15 Apr 2016)
    myNode.addEventListener("hello", listener, { once: true });
    myNode.dispatchEvent(new Event("hello")); // remove the listener after call.
    // signal (was added to the standard on 4 Dec 2020)
    const ac = new AbortController();
    myNode.addEventListener("hello", listener, { signal: ac.signal });
    ac.abort(); // remove the listener.
    • For browsers, use a bundler such as Webpack to bundle.
      • If you want to support IE11, use import {} from "event-target-shim/es5" instead. It's a transpiled code by babel. It depends on @baebl/runtime (^7.12.0) package.
    • The AbortController class was added to the standard on 14 Jul 2017. If you want the shim of that, use abort-controller package.

    📚 API Reference

    See docs/reference.md.

    💥 Migrating to v6

    See docs/migrating-to-v6.md.

    📰 Changelog

    See GitHub releases.

    🍻 Contributing

    Contributing is welcome ❤️

    Please use GitHub issues/PRs.

    Development tools

    • npm install installs dependencies for development.
    • npm test runs tests and measures code coverage.
    • npm run watch:mocha runs tests on each file change.


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