Nodejs remote procedure call supporting multiple transports

eureca (Easy Unobstructive REmote CAll) is a node.js bidirectional RPC library using as a network layer.

it allow you to call server side function from a browser or nodejs client and vice-versa.

please visit the project web page for more code samples

WebRTC support was added in version 0.6.4 : it's based on nodejs WebRTC stack node-webrtc.


The documentation work is in progress you can see it here


Hello World example

var Eureca = require('');
var eurecaServer = new Eureca.Server();
eurecaServer.exports.helloServer = function (userName) {
    console.log('Hello Server from ',userName);
<script src="/eureca.js"></script>
var client = new Eureca.Client(); 
client.ready(function (serverProxy) {
    serverProxy.helloServer();  //will call helloServer in the server side 
var Eureca = require('');
var client = new Eureca.Client({ uri: 'http://localhost:8000/' });
client.ready(function (serverProxy) {

More examples

please check node_modules/ for some example codes

open a terminal window and type and cd to node_modules/

     node --harmony-proxies server.js

note the usage of --harmony-proxies command line argument, this switch enables harmony proxies witch is used by library (for more information about harmony proxies see this link if you don't use --harmony-proxies, eureca will still work using a workaround but this is not recommanded.

now you can either open a browser window on http://localhost:8000/ or open another terminal window in the same directory and call open a terminal window and type and cd to node_modules/

     node --harmony-proxies client.js

you should see 'Hello from client' on the server side.

TODO / Roadmap

  • More examples/tutorials


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