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A small, customizable autocomplete and select component. Some highlights:

  • Lightweight (~3.3kb min+gzip)
  • Zero dependencies
  • View-library agnostic
  • Select mode included
  • Support for user-defined callbacks
  • Use the included filtering mechanism or bring your own!

Etto only supports modern browsers. It is not intended to work with IE11.

This a replacement for my earlier component, otto. I wanted to get rid of the Hyperapp dependency, but also simplify the codebase and features, hence the new name and project. Etto is also named after a friend of mine. I advise you use etto over otto.

Etto may or may not be the tool you're looking for. See the other tools section.


npm install etto


import Etto from 'etto';

A CommonJS export is available under /dist/cjs/.


<script src=""></script>


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">


See Live Examples.

Basic usage

<div id="my-input"></div>
const choices = [
    { label: 'Alabama', value: 'AL', country: 'USA' },
    { label: 'Alaska', value: 'AK', isCold: true },
    { label: 'Wyoming', value: 'WY', population: 578759 },
    { label: 'Minnesota', value: 'MN', capital: 'Saint Paul' }

const etto = new Etto(document.getElementById('my-input'), {}, choices);
  • choice.label (Required)
    • what is shown for each item in the dropdown.
  • choice.value (Optional, defaults to value of choice.label)
    • what your input element will be populated with upon selection.
  •, choice.isCold, choice.population,
    • these are examples of custom properties. Add/use whatever you'd like!

By default, Etto matches against choice.label only. You can provide a config.filterFn function for a custom filtering mechanism. You can also configure etto to use functions such as config.onSelect and config.createItemFn which are great for taking advantage of your custom properties (read more below & see live examples).

Select mode

etto can imitate a dropdown selection by enabling the built-in select mode service.

const etto = new Etto(document.getElementById('my-input'), { selectMode: true }, choices);

QoL methods & properties

Use etto.value to get/set current input value.

const oldValue = etto.value;
console.log(oldValue); // 'old value'

etto.value = 'new value';
console.log(etto.value); // 'new value'

Use etto.selected to get current selected choice when using select mode.

const currentChoice = etto.selected;
console.log(currentChoice); // { label: 'Wyoming', value: 'WY', population: 578759 }

Warning: The etto.selected getter returns a reference to etto.service.state.selected. Mutating this object can result in unexpected behavior, so be cautious!

Use etto.clear to clear current input value (it also clears etto.selected when in select mode).

console.log(etto.value); // ''
console.log(etto.selected); // null

Use etto.destroy to remove all event listeners and delete the service of the Etto instance.


Several more lower-level methods are available under etto.service. Proceed with caution.


etto provides several options to configure its behavior. Below are default values:

const etto = new Etto(document.getElementById('my-input'), {
    // selectMode: boolean
    // whether to enable select mode
    selectMode: false,

    // classList: array
    // additional classes to add to the etto-input element
    classList: undefined,

    // placeholder: string,
    // custom placeholder. defaults to 'Select...' in select mode
    placeholder: undefined,

    // inputAttributes: object
    // any additional attributes you'd like to apply to the etto-input element. be aware that overwriting the `style` attribute may break Etto functionality
    inputAttributes: undefined,

    // source(query: string, done: function): void
    // for use with async choice sources; see live examples page
    source: undefined,

    // minChars: number
    minChars: 3,

    // maxResults: number
    maxResults: 7,

    // requestDelay: number
    // used in conjunction with config.source; delay before making each request in milliseconds
    requestDelay: 350,

    // matchFullWord: boolean
    // whether to match full words
    matchFullWord: false,

    // showEmptyMsg: boolean
    // whether to display empty message upon no match
    showEmptyMsg: true,

    // emptyHtml: string
    // custom html markup for empty message
    emptyHtml: undefined,

    // initialCache: object
    // used in conjunction with config.source;
    // in case you already have some cached data you'd like to initialize with Etto
    initialCache: {},

    // createItemFn(choice: object, index: number, inputVal: string, isHighlighted: boolean, isSelected: boolean): string
    // customize how each list item is rendered
    // Note: The rendered item *must* be an `li` element with a `data-index` attribute; see live examples page for a detailed explanation (
    createItemFn: undefined,

    // filterFn(inputVal: string, choices: array, matchFullWord: boolean, maxResults: number): array
    // customize how etto filters results; see live examples page (
    // defaults to using the included filter function, /src/util.js > filterChoices
    filterFn: filterChoices,

    // onSelect(choice: object): void
    // a custom callback you can use to do something upon selecting an item from the list
    // takes in object of selected choice
    onSelect: undefined,

    // onClear(): void
    // a custom callback you can use to do something upon programmatically clearing the user input
    onClear: undefined,

    // onValue(value: string): void
    // a custom callback you can use to when the input value has changed
    // primarily for use in input mode; might behave unexpectedly when using select mode
    onValue: undefined

Other Tools

Etto aims to be small in size and scope, while remaining very customizable. That being said, here are some other tools that I can recommend:

  • Awesomeplete - A truly awesome autocomplete component that's even smaller than Etto (2kb). Zero dependencies.
  • select2 - Tried & battle-tested. Has a jQuery dependency.
  • Choices.js - A select2 alternative without the jQuery dependency. 19kb gzipped.
  • react-select - As the name implies, a select component with a hard React dependency.


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