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node.js daemon to reboot mining rigs using TP-Link HS100/HS110 sockets in case of issues mining on

Reboots rigs (switching off and then on TPLink smart socket) if rig was not active in last 20 minutes.

Has been tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10


npm install -g ethtplink

EACCESS errors on installation

Check this:


ethtplink status

Display information about daemon status and list of rigs defined. Start with this command, it will show you some hints if there're no settings set.

info: EtherTPLink service is currently running
info: Ethermine sync: Done.
info: TPLink Cloud sync: Done.
│ ID │ Name │ Last Seen  │ Last Reboot │ Reported Hashrate │ Current Hashrate │ Stale shares │ Invalid shares │ IOT Device │
│ 1  │ rig1 │ 5 seconds  │ never       │ 113.32 MH/s       │ 117.78 MH/s      │ 0            │ 0              │ Rig1       │
│ 4  │ rig2 │ 2 minutes  │ 2 days      │ 125.51 MH/s       │ 109.61 MH/s      │ 1            │ 0              │ Rig2       │

ethtplink tplink auth

Auth ethtplink to TPLink Cloud service. Username is your email address and password is the one you use to sign in to TPLink Kasa application or Cloud service.

ethtplink ethermine auth

Auth ethtplink to Your mining address (without 0x) is required, nothing more.

ethtplink rigs assign

Assign IOT Devices to Rig names. This command will prompt you for rig ids and IOT ids and display updated information on success.

ethtplink start

Start ethtplink daemon. Will run ethtplink daemon every minute in background.

ethtplink stop

Stop ethtplink daemon.

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