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EthPM Package Specification


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This repository comprises the formal specification and documentation source for the EthPM package manifest data format.

This data format is designed to be produced/consumed by Ethereum development tools. As such, this repository is intended for tool developers wishing to integrate with EthPM.

Package manifests are JSON-encoded, tightly-packed, with objects’ keys sorted in lexicographic order. Package manifests may live on disk, but are intended to be produced programmatically and uploaded directly to a content-addressable storage network (e.g. IPFS). A package manifest describes a single package, including package name, version, dependencies, and references to distributed source files.

Repository Contents

Examples / Use Cases

Package: owned (prettified)

    "name": "owned",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "manifest": "ethpm/3",
    "meta": {
        "license": "MIT",
        "authors": [
            "Piper Merriam <>"
        "description": "Reusable contracts which implement a privileged 'owner' model for authorization.",
        "keywords": [
        "links": {
            "documentation": "ipfs://QmUYcVzTfSwJoigggMxeo2g5STWAgJdisQsqcXHws7b1FW"
    "sources": {
        "contracts/Owned.sol": {
            "type": "solidity",
            "urls": [
            "installPath": "./contracts/Owned.sol"

Please see Use Cases for documented examples of different kinds of packages with varying levels of complexity. Source for use case examples can be found in the examples/ directory of this repository.

Each example directory contains..

  • 1.0.0.json: ethpm v2 manifest (deprecated)
  • 1.0.0-pretty.json: ethpm v2 manifest (pretty printed) (deprecated)
  • v3.json: ethpm v3 manifest
  • v3-pretty.json: ethpm v3 manifest (pretty printed)
  • contracts/: Directory containing the source contracts for the example
  • metadata/: Directory containing example ethpm compliant compiler metadata output for each example contract


The EthPM package manifest format is formally specified as a JSON-Schema.

Please see Package Specification for a natural-language description of this schema, or see package.spec.json for the machine-readable version.


Requirements: Python 3, pip, make Fork and clone this repo to get started. Then, activate a virtual environment in the cloned repo's directory and run pip install -r requirements.txt

Building Sphinx docs locally

  1. cd docs
  2. make html

Docs are written in reStructuredText and built using the Sphinx documentation generator.

Running tests locally

  1. pytest tests/

Test fixture schema

Each test fixture contains a package field with a raw, json encoded string of the manifest.

Each test fixture contains a testCase field that indicates whether the associated package is invalid or valid.

Each invalid test fixture contains an errorInfo field.

  • The errorPointer field, which is a jsonpointer pointing towards the cause of the invalid error, is included for invalid tests.
  • The reason field, which is a human readable description of the error, is included for invalid tests.
  • The errorCode field, which is a machine readable description of the error, is included for invalid tests according to the following table.

N0001 - Invalid "manifest" field. N0002 - Invalid "name" field. N0003 - Invalid "version" field. N0004 - Invalid "sources" field. N0005 - Invalid "contractTypes" field. N0006 - Invalid "deployments" field. N0007 - Invalid "compilers" field. N0008 - Invalid "buildDependencies" field. N0009 - Invalid "meta" field.

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