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I wanted something that could take output from STDOUT and send it straight to Etherpad. This is my implementation.

It works in TTY (as you type) mode, or you can redirect STDOUT to it.



etherpad-stream mypad

This will open a TTY session with Etherpad, and everything you type will be sent to the mypad pad.

Redirecting STDOUT

echo "Hello World" | etherpad-stream mypad
ping | etherpad-stream testpad

No pad name

ping | etherpad-stream

If you do not pass a pad name to etherpad-stream, your computer's hostname will be used as the pad name instead.


npm install -g etherpad-stream

Next, create ~/.etherpad-stream and provide your Etherpad details:

    "host" : "localhost",
    "port" : 9001,
    "apikey" : "1234ABCD"

You can get your API key from your Etherpad server - have a look in APIKEY.txt

Then you should be good to go.

To Do

  • I can't figure out how to detect a backspace in TTY mode, so you can't delete text. You'll have to use your browser for now.