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    Eth Gas Price Visuals

    Live Example

    A composable boilerplate for writing Ethereum dapps in a similar environment to what the MetaMask developers use themselves to develop MetaMask.

    Forked from my older react-hyperscript-beefy-boilerplate, which is not Ethereum specific.


    I've been contributing to MetaMask for a while, and I wanted to make a web dapp with ethjs that used a similar build system.

    My friend Jared said it was a nice little framework, and I should do a better job of sharing it.

    It also crossed my mind that this framework could be good practice for onboarding MetaMask contributors.


    • Adds an instantiated ethjs object onto the state object for easy ethereum interaction.
    • Uses react-hyperscript with Babel for an Elm-like Javascript ES6 experience.
    • The sample project detects presence of the web3 API, and suggests downloading MetaMask in its absence.
    • Features a simple tip button transaction, to show how easy it is to send a transaction and indicate loading state and errors.



    Have node.js installed, then in the project folder:

    npm install


    To run with live-reloading via beefy:

    npm start

    To build:

    npm run build

    This will generate a bundle.js file that is pointed to by the index.html.

    Project Structure

    ./index.html                    <- The entry point for the app
    ./index.js                      <- The JS init entry point for the app, unbuilt.
    ./app                           <- The usually edited react views
    ├── root.js                     <- The home page, which could host routing, and has full state.
    └── template.js                 <- Copy this to create views with full state access.
    ├── components                  <- The components that rely on local state
    │   ├── download-metamask.js    <- A sample local React component, with customized style params!
    │   └── template.js             <- Copy this to create your own components
    ├── reducers
    │   └── index.js                <- The root React Redux reducer file.
    └── store.js                    <- The redux store, instantiated with thunk and logging.
    ./bundle.js                     <- The built JS bundle, generated by `npm run build`.

    To Dos:

    • Add nice style sheet management, like SASS.
    • Add unit test suite
    • Add browser test suite (testem?)


    npm i eth-gas-price-visuals

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