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  • Easiest way to make native Reason programs and libraries.
  • Merlin and LSP integration out of the box.
  • For a project named my-project, produces single sharable library named my-project and a single executable named MyProject.

Build An Example:

npm install -g esy@next
git clone
esy install
esy build

Make It Your Own Package:

  • Change the name field in the package.json and rebuild.

How Are The Binary And Library Built?

  • The single .re file in bin/ becomes the MyProject executable.
  • The contents of lib/ becomes the my-project named library.
  • Your binary .re file can automatically see the my-project library as the YourProjectLib module.
  • Packages that depend on your package can then use your my-project library, which then allows them to see the YourProjectLib module.

Testing The Binary:

Use the standard esy x any-command-here command to run any-command-here as if you had installed the package. For example esy x YourPackage --args builds and runs your YourPackage executable with arguments.


  • Omit the lib/ directory if everything fits into the single file in bin/.
  • You may rename the bin/ file to be bin/

Adding New Package Dependencies:

  • esy add @opam/dep-name@version automatically builds and adds a new dependency to package.json.
  • Find the name of the library inside of that new package by running esy ls-libs.
  • Add that library name to package.json like this: "peasyLibs": ["the-library-name"].
  • Use that library in your code and run esy build.

Note: After adding/building a new dependency you can use esy ls-modules to see which named modules become available to you by adding the peasyLibs entry.

Publish Prebuilt binaries of your executables to npm.

Use esy to make prebuilt binary releases of your program that can be installed from plain npm.

esy release bin
cd _release/bin-darwin
npm publish --tag darwin


esy-peasy is good for rapidly making new small executables/libraries. Once they grow, you'll want to "eject out" of esy-peasy and begin customizing using a more advanced build system.

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